Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stevia in Croatia?

Finally, I've found the web site for which I thought was no longer active, as I wrote in one of my earlier posts Stevia Seeds . I'm referring to this site, owned by people who were good enough to provide me with some Stevia Rebaudiana seeds.

I'm not sure if they're still fully active, but I sent them an e-mail to thank them for the seeds once again. They offer some basic information about Stevia Rebaudiana and some Stevia products, like dried Stevia leaves and Stevia extract. The name of the site refers to my country, i.e. Croatia and it seems their target market seems to be in Croatia, as they say in their offer Where you can buy Stevia in Croatia!. On the other hand, there is not a lot of people in Croatia who know about this plant or have even heard about it. It's like a really well kept secret hidden away from common folks. There was some actions taken by green activists in order to educate the people, but unfortunately it was far from enough for people to hear. Nevertheless, it's a praiseworthy effort! As far as I know there's no official Stevia Rebaudiana production or offering in Croatia, so I'll be safe to guess the owners of this site grow or get their Stevia somewhere else.

I call upon them, come to Croatia, spread the word about Stevia Rebaudiana and scatter some seeds across the land, especially if this still stands: Croatia is one of minority countries in the world where is STEVIA recognized as welfare plant of set.


sweet said...

I wish you well with your Stevia Crops! I really do! But, because climate is such a factor and crops aren't always successful, remember a good source to purchase your product is from It's been grown, processed, boxed or bottled and ready to use :-)
Stevia is a sweet way of life.

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