Monday, August 6, 2007

Stevia Cuttings Failure

Unfortunately, my Stevia Rebaudiana cuttings are dead for sure. I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts Stevia Cuttings Accident that wind caused my cuttings to fall. I suspect that this fall was crucial for the death of my Stevia cuttings. However, I'll try to propagate my Stevia plants for the second time and I hope this time with more luck!

Stay sweet!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Growing Stevia plants

I'm glad to hear that another fellow Stevia blogger has decided to grow his own sweet leaf. His Stevia Rebaudiana seeds arrived from Germany. It seems that he has already sowed his seeds and I can only wish him luck and a great germination rate.

Fortunately enough, already mentioned(in one of my previous posts) Stevia germination study is here for every future Stevia grower and we can all be thankful to
Goettemoeller, J. and A. Ching for providing us with so much needed information. I advise all wannabe Stevia Rebaudiana gardeners to read this publication carefully. You should take in consideration the effect of light on Stevia seeds germination, i.e. it has been proven that Stevia seeds need light to germinate, so be aware of that while you're sowing your seeds.

Klaus Seistrup, a fellow Stevia blogger, I wish you good luck and a green thumb with your Stevia seeds, hopefully soon to be some gorgeous Stevia plants!