Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stevia Seeds

A few years ago I watched a TV documentary about this beautiful plant called Stevia Rebaudiana. That was the first time ever I heard anything about this plant. An old man, a nutritionist by vocation explained the basic properties of this herb and its medicinal importance. That´s when I became highly interested in this amazing herb and started my research.
For a passionate herb grower the logic step was to get some seeds and try growing this plant, and that´s exactly what I did. In my country that seemed impossible. It seemed that almost nobody heard of Stevia and those who have, failed to cultivate it. I decided to continue my search via internet and after a few months, BINGO! It looks like the website I got my seeds from is no longer active, but I have to thank them one more time! They sent me the seeds for the first time, but something went wrong, I guess. I contacted them and informed them about the whole no seeds situation, so they kindly sent another package and now I grow my own Stevia! And by the way, the seeds I got were for free!!!

Good people, thanks again!

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