Saturday, June 9, 2007

Seed Germination

How to germinate Stevia seeds: Stevia seeds are so tiny, you have to be extra careful when handling them. What seed germination method to use, was the first dilemma I encountered. After some researching I decided to go with the paper towel method.

Paper towel method
: place seeds you want to germinate in to a moist paper towel. It is a must to keep them in a warm and dark place. To retain moisture, simply put your wet paper towel within a plastic bag and that will do it. At germination, the outside shell of the seed splits and a tiny, white sprout called taproot pops out. When you see those little taproots coming out of the seeds, gently place them(root down) in to the soil and try to keep your soil equally moist for the next few weeks. Over watering presents a big problem in this stage, so be very careful!!!

Stay Sweet!


ShellyBobb said...

From all of the research I have read, Stevia seems to be well documented as a safe supplement. Please see the information and link below. I found Zevia, it is a great natural alternative to a diet soda. It contains the supplement Stevia. I feel much better drinking the stevia in Zevia, than I would drinking those other lab made chemicals. You all should check out this new Zevia, it's delicious too!

This is from the LA Times-
"Today, nearly 200 million Americans consume sugar-free or low-calorie products, according to the Calorie Control Council, a group that represents the diet food industry. About half of those people consume an average of four of these products every day. Diet sodas make up 29% of the nation's $200-million annual soft drink sales, and the percentage is rising, says John Sicher, editor and publisher of the trade journal Beverage Digest.


"In line with this cultural shift, [toward natural foods - ed.] some people are turning to a new crop of sweeteners based on "natural" ingredients, such as stevia, a calorie-free herb from South and Central America. Already popular in Asia, stevia is now available in the U.S. in natural food stores (U.S. food companies can't yet include it in their products), and sales of it rose 19% in the last year, according to SPINS, a natural-products market research firm.",1,2579082.story?coll=la-headlines-health&track=crosspromo

Stevia seeds said...

Stevia seeds germination is good but it does not beneficial for commercial farming. visit Stevia farming for more details.

Juniper said...

(U.S. food companies can't yet include it in their products)..... Actucally......The brand SweetLeaf Sweetener Stevia is G.R.A.S. approved and companies can now buy stevia as a food additive from: Jim May introduced Stevia to the United States over 25 years ago. The battle has been won! For those of you that want to use stevia as an herb. You can purchase Stevia tea bags under the brand name: Wisdom Of the Ancients at Enjoy this sweet herb stevia.

Anonymous said...

This is not true. There is a company out of Canada called BUZZWATER/

This company has been selling a mixed vitam, mineral, electrolyte power flavour packet... sweetened with Stevia for over 10 years. They have approval and it is sold as a Dietary Supplement. The product is called EiNSTEiNE SUperlative Human. I have been puchasing it and using it for years. Theie other products are amazing such as their world's first organically grown and extracted 100% pure caffeine from beans and tea leaf / enhanced gold award winning certifed natural spring water with 76 essential liquid Ionic minerals, vitamins and electrolytes. This company has been way ahead of the curve and the health food industries line of enhanced sugar waters, sports drinks, energy drinks, colas and power shots all containing toxins and synthetic ingredients and toxins


Anonymous said...

Stevia is helpful to diabeties because Stevia has 0 calories but has actions very similar to several currently used medications. It stimulates the release of insulin and normalizes the response to glucose, especially in type 2 diabetes. Other sweetners like Aspartame or Splenda have additives in them that are very bad for your health and can cause various diseases. I myself have been using Cid Botanicals Stevia and so far very satisfied with it. Check out at

james said...

My experience with Stevia product were very mixed. I can really recommend steviapura products from Germany. you find them here: I myself have been using Steviapura Stevia and I am very satisfied with it.

Amber said...

taking care when you are choose your seeds. atmosphere effects on seeds are very fast.

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