Monday, August 6, 2007

Stevia Cuttings Failure

Unfortunately, my Stevia Rebaudiana cuttings are dead for sure. I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts Stevia Cuttings Accident that wind caused my cuttings to fall. I suspect that this fall was crucial for the death of my Stevia cuttings. However, I'll try to propagate my Stevia plants for the second time and I hope this time with more luck!

Stay sweet!


Sarah Vaughter said...

I loved this blog - pity you don't post here lately any more..

I actually learned something from you :-)

I have a Stevia-site on and would be delighted if you would put a link on your "Stevia blogs & sites"!

Regards & thanks,
Sarah from the Stevia Zone

Anonymous said...

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Victor said...

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tehC said...

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Oz Paats said...

The homeland of stevia is Paraguay.

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Dr Clark said...

OH! You are cutting your stevia plants next time just forget about the results and ideas and you will get good results!

wood stove said...

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